The correspondence of the Spanish humanist, biblist and hebraist Benito Arias Montano (ca. 1525/1527-1598)  is a rich source of data for the European cultural, political and religious history of the sixteenth century. Among his correspondents we can find key figures of late humanism as Justus Lipsius, Christopher Plantin, Carolus Clusius, Laevinus Torrentius, Adrianus Junius, etc. and great patrons of his time as Cardinal Granvela, the Duke of Alba and Philip II. The  research project “Benito Arias Montano: Epistolario” was launched in 1995 by Professors. J. Gil and J. M. Maestre Maestre and has been basically developed within the Research Group "Elio Antonio de Nebrija" of the University of Cadiz (Spain).